Imagem com a foto de quatro tiras compridas de massa crua de pão, e sobre ela, um pão cru folhado

Reinforcers or improvers are additives used to correct imperfections in the flour and optimize the bread making process.
This product, used in the right amount, strengthens the flour and the gluten network to support the fermentation process.
In the end, the bread has a better visual and uniform appearance.
Brazil and abroad have different parameters, according to the soil and climatic conditions at the time of planting until harvest. For this reason we find weaker flours that need correction. In this case, such products collaborate for softness, volume, color and uniformity.
For example, French bread without a reinforcer is whitish in appearance, without crunchiness, unable to maintain the volume of the fermentation and sensitive to cutting, falling during this process.
If you are unable to access this product, the advice is to buy “pre-made” flour, which already has all the ingredients for French bread, just needing to add water and yeast.



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