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If you are reading this article, it is possible that you are sharing the same question as most of our professional colleagues.

What happens is that a lot of people say it is the same thing, when in fact it is not. Until in some recipes we can use one or the other, as in creams for example. However, when we go for cookies and biscuits, replacing one of them can cause a huge disaster.

In 20 years, I have not met any salesperson who did not offer starch instead of starch and vice versa, claiming to be the “same thing”.

The practical differences you see in that buttery without alloy, or in the attempt to make cheese bread. But after all, what difference?

Let’s go to them:

• Starch is the product extracted from the aerial parts of vegetables, such as seeds. That is, the starch is removed from what is above the earth. A common example is the corn from which we extract the “corn starch and the rice that we obtain the“ rice starch ”.

• Polvilho, or starch is what is extracted from the underground parts of plants, such as tubers, roots and rhizomes. That is, what is extracted from what is below the earth. Examples are “potato starch” and “cassava starch”.

Another intriguing issue is the difference between “sweet and sour powder”, which are the same practices, differentiating themselves through the drying process. Both are obtained by drying in the sun, however the sour starch goes through a fermentation period for about 15 days, before the process of drying in the sun.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that you will appreciate us with your visit at Padaria.facil, more times. We periodically have recipes or curiosities about baking and confectionery.


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