Belgian cream ingredients.

50g corn starch
500ml of milk
395g (one can) condensed milk
50g tablespoons of powdered milk
100g chopped white chocolate
200g of cream

Preparation mode

Dilute the starch in the milk in the pan, add the other ingredients, except the cream, and bring to a low heat, stirring constantly, until it reaches the point.
Out of the heat, add the cream and let it cool.
Then, beat in an electric mixer for 5 minutes and freeze.

Passion fruit cream recipe

It was used as a filling and cover
Access the link here


200g semi-dark or milk chocolate
200g of fresh cream
Preparation mode:
Mix the two ingredients and melt in a water bath, not allowing the water to boil.

Use a whipped cream of your brand and preference, but beat a little more firmly than to cover pies.


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