Imagem com a foto de um brigadeiro de chocolate, numa forminha de papel marrom, sobre uma superfície plana, feita de vime trançado.


1 can of condensed milk (395g)
3 tablespoons of powdered chocolate (50% cocoa)
1 tablespoon of margarine
granulated chocolate (enough to cover)

Preparation mode

Put all ingredients in a pan. (Give preference to a thick-bottomed pan, if you don’t have one, a good tip is that a pressure cooker at the bottom is more reinforced)

With a spoon, preferably flat, mix slowly over low heat, without stirring until it starts to come off the bottom of the pan (approximately 10 minutes).

Remove from focus and place to cool in another pool previously greased with butter or margarine.

Roll in balls and pass them in the granules.


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