Imagem com a foto de tigelinhas doces. Metade enfeitadas com maracujá e fisalis, e a outra metade com cereja e meia fatia de limão. Entre elas, os mesmos doces em versão menor.


Preparation time: 20-30min


Lemon cream

  • 400g condensed milk
  • 2 tahiti lemons

Passion fruit crea

  • 400g condensed
  • 100g or 100ml of concentrated passion fruit juice


1 Make the bowls with the recipe for pasta folra <- it’s on this link;
2 Separate 400g of condensed milk and apply the juice of one lemon and a half (the remaining half will be used for confectionery);
3 Separate 400g of condensed milk and add 100ml of concentrated passion fruit juice;
4 Apply in flora dough bowls;
5 Garnish the lemon bowls with the remaining lemon and chocolate;
6 Garnish the passion fruit bowls with passion fruit pulp and chocolate.


You can use another type of confection, including covering it with sighs and taking it to the oven, which looks really cool and has a more rustic appearance.
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