Imagem com a foto de uma colher com o fundo branco. Sobre a colher, escorre uma calda dourada translucida, que enche a colher e transborda, deixado escorrer pela colher, para baixo. Ao lado um texto dizendo Receita de caramelo fácil.


Making puddings or a banana cake can become a torture because of the burnt sugar, but just below I’ll teach you a caramel that can go to the fridge and be used cold without any worries.
Let’s go to the recipe:


  • 300g sugar
  • 200ml water

Staging mode

Add 300g of sugar to 100ml of water in a saucepan and bring to the fire.
Bring to the boil until it begins to brown and slightly move away from the pan, leaving a side with a higher concentration of heat.
Once half the syrup is burning, carefully add the other 100ml of water remaining, and simmer another 3 or 5 minutes.


By adding the rest of the water, the caramel will bubble and release hot splashes, which can cause burns.
Sugar can reach temperatures of 293ºF or more, requiring increased care.


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